This blog is a forum to share the many hundreds of recipes that Bessie Jones Taylor collected in her 90 years. Ideally, this will also be a site to share our memories of her and Stickney and add suggestions and comments about the recipes themselves. All are welcome to participate!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Potato Spice Bread

Here's a recipe to warm you this winter, I think it will taste especially good with the whipping cream! Did anyone try the yeast rolls yet? Me neither, but I aspire to.


  1. Molly, these both look great. What relation is Mildred Pointer to Joe Richard?

    Can I put a link to this blog on Twice Seven?

  2. Momeester, MP distant cousin by marriage, 3rd? important character in Mom's book (unwritten as yet). Monsieur le cookie cousin was a closer relative to my Dad as Joe Richard's grandmother was Dad's Grandfather's sister or something like.